Our Vision

With today’s technology there is no doubting the fact that nearly anything is possible! We believe in the ability of drones in todays world so much that we have set out to find as many applicable ways that aerial video can solve problems in every day society. The control that our pilots are able to offer allows us to record video in places such as high roof lines, eliminating the need to put yourself in danger while obtaining the ability to record your findings in a logged video format.

While also striving to take on life’s tasks, we ultimately love that we are able to provide unique, unseen aerial views to those that crave a new perspective!

Our Story

I have always had the desire to create. In today’s world it can be a daunting task to think that you can create in such a saturated space. Having passions for art, drawing and photography, traveling and seeing new places, it was only natural that I lifted myself out of the crowded space into one with a bit more room! My love for creating and pushing to find new perspectives has put a drone in my hands and allowed me to help others while fulfilling my creative passions. I am truly blessed!

  • Josef Magsig

Meet the Team

Our Team is currently growing every year and we are excited to be interviewing new pilots for hire!

Josef Magsig

Founder & CEO

Personally loves flying golf courses. Has met Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson!

Ever used aerial media?

Interested in Hiring a Pilot or getting hired as one yourself? Shoot us a message, we would love to hear from you!